Using video headers in WordPress

Following the trend of using large videos as a design element, WordPress added support for video headers in version 4.7. Also the new Twenty Seventeen theme was released to show this feature. The use of video has been part of the some projects I have done. With HTML5 video became easy to integrate. Except it… more

HTML5 video autoplay on mobile revisited

There have been some changes since the last time I tested autoplay videos. Animated GIFs have become popular, because they work on mobile. A problem is that animated GIFs can become very large. A video is typically a lot smaller. That is why Apple and Google decided to allow autoplay in their mobile browsers. But… more

Preparing videos for WordPress.TV with FFmpeg

This year I was one of the co-organisers of WordCamp Frankfurt 2016. WordCamps are conferences that focuses on everything WordPress. An important goal is to make it accessible to as many people as possible. For example, tickets are cheap. Also, when possible sessions are made available as videos on A number of camera kits… more

Using animated GIFs (or not)

The GIF image format is pretty old, but still very popular. Generally, it is recommended to convert GIF to PNG8, because it results in a 21% smaller file size. But PNG images do not support animations. So that is probably the main reason that GIFs are still in use. Especially on sites or in apps… more

Adding PHP 7 to your Linux server

PHP 7 has been released for some time now and it seems pretty solid. Besides new features like return type hints, it is up to 3× faster than PHP 5.6. Luckily, for most Linux distributions there are PHP 7 repositories available. Ubuntu On Ubuntu 14.04 and later you have to ensure you can add a… more